Stefan Prestel's personal web pages

Hi there, I'm a Theoretical Particle Physics Researcher, Lecturer and Software Developer in the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, High Energy Physics Division, at Lund University in Lund, Sweden.

If you have stumbled onto this page by accident, here are the latest and greatest pictures of puppies.

10+ years of programming experience in C++ and Fortran (yes, I know...), 3+ years of prototyping experience in Python. Here's a short CV.

Solving problems with math and code is fun! You can find all my research projects on

As a reasearcher and software developer, I've worked on particle collider simulations. Here's a low-activity scattering event...

... and a selection of software projects that I've worked on...

Teaching and working with young researchers is always great! Check out my latest tutorials and summer school lectures on youtube...

... or check out the full list:

Below is a list of recent talks - no guarantee of completeness yet.